Friday, April 4, 2008

moving day

well tomorrow is the day we go sign the lease on our new place which is bigger but ugly lol we were hoping by now we would be ready to start buying our own home but were not yet :( but with the new baby we still need a bigger place then the one were at now so were still stuck in the renters game :( maybe next year who knows
the backyard in this place barely exists which i hate i guess ill be signing the kids up for classes through ymca this summer to keep them busy im not even sure if their swing set will fit back their :(
but im still excited about decorateing the inside and this place is closer to my family and friends
well i better get back to packing yeaaaaaaa lol

alternitives to medication

i woke up today at the butt crack of dawn so i would have enough time to get olivia and kevin ready for kevins appt thank god lil corey is at my moms house anyways we get their wait in the lobby for about an hr then this guy comes out and takes kevin back for maybe 20 or 30 mins like thats enough time to really stick a label on some one thats going to follow them their whole life anyways the guy said he would let me know in a few weeks what he thinks i just hope he doesnt try to push medication on me some kids do bennifit from medication but i dont think the medication truely helps unless its followed up with counseling or some other program but i just want to say for some children theirs other alternitives like clubs sports etc just things to give them other outlets when their upset or restless dont turn to medicine because its easy sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing to do are the same thing

my sons first fight at school

My son came home from school today he had a letter so i opened it up and it said kevin hit another little boy today at school it left a red we had a talk could you please talk with him as well now im not one of those moms who think their kid does no wrong but my son is so sweet and good natured i had a hard time beleaving this so i said kevin what happend today at school he said nathan hit me and i said what did you do i hit him back mom and i said good job :) haha i know its horrible but im not gonna tell him to let some kid pick on him and i dont think his teacher saw the whole thing anyways hes been in school for awhile and this is the first inncident weve had like this so thats pretty good